Elite Finance is boutique finance company that was created with customer service in mind. It is our firm belief that each and every client should be met with warmth, understanding and guidance through what can be a complicated process.

We specialise in assisting clients through times of change whether upgrading and growing or downsizing. We take the time to understand your needs and current situation so we can assess the proper product for you. With access to a pool of over 40 lenders, including the big 4, we are confident we can help you to find your ideal financial solution.

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Buying Your Next Vehicle

Elite Finance can tailor a finance solution to suit your individual situation whether business or personal vehicle finance, we’ve got you covered.

Commercial Asset Finance

Needing machinery for your factory? Equipment finance can help you get what you need without having to sacrifice your cash reserves.

Commercial Loans

Unlike the more traditional loans, a commercial loan can be used for a wide range of different reasons to support and supplement your business goals.

Personal Loans

It’s the personal touch that sets us apart…A personal loan is just that – personal. It can be used for your next holiday, funding a wedding, fixing up your vintage car or put towards an expensive hobby.


Pre-approval will put you in an excellent financial position. As a buyer, you look more credible as well as more desirable as you are ready to jump on that dream asset right away!


Have you experienced any industry changes in the last few years? Perhaps you’ve undergone an overhaul of stock or decided to pursue new avenues of business?

Home Loans

While we have chosen to specialise in Asset and Commercial Finance, we can put you through to a trusted expert who can assist with the a range of residential finance options.