Elite Finance is one of Australia's leading fresh faces on the asset finance scene. We have helped many borrowers get a better deal on their new or existing loan. What sets us apart is our ability to understand the specific needs of our customers then work with lenders to get the ideal solution. This means looking beyond just getting a great rate, but also finding a loan that delivers the features and flexibility to suit your situation now and in the future.

Once a solution has been found, we will be there every step of the way to ensure the application process is as simple as possible, liaising with the lenders on your behalf and helping you make sense of what can be a complex, and sometimes stressful, experience.

If you are needing help with a loan, get in touch today. We are standing by, ready to assist.


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If you've never worked with a finance broker before, it's very likely you will have some questions about the service we offer and how our customers can benefit. Check out some of our more frequently asked questions below before getting in touch.

Using our knowledge and experience, we help find our customers the ideal loan for their situation. This involves searching through thousands of different loan options and identifying which ones are right for our customers needs now, and in the future.

With so many lenders and loans to choose one, we have access to some of Australia's most competitive rates. To find out if you can be getting a better deal on your loan, get in touch with us today. Our team will schedule a free, no-obligation consultation where we can discover what rate you're eligible for.

If done incorrectly yes it will lower your credit score. A good way to protect your credit score is to have your finance application reviewed by an experienced finance broker who should be able do the shopping for you, achieve your desired results, for you and protect your credit score.

A simple reason for this is that with asset finance, there is commonly more risk involved. For example, a piece of machinery can be damaged, stolen or have a mechanical failure – rendering the equipment completely unusable. The same risks do not apply for homes.

This would depend on your situation but the short answer for most common people is no. If you were to redraw your hard earned equity from your home to pay for a car, you might get a lower rate but you would be paying the equity back over the life of the mortgage which could be up to 30 years, instead of a car loan which is typically 5 to 7 years. The longer loan term can see people paying back a much higher interest component if they are not making advanced payments on their mortgage – let’s face it, most say they will, but they typically don’t.


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