Do you know the value of a pre-approval?

Get ahead of the competition with a pre-approval

Pre-approval will put you in an excellent financial position. As a buyer, you look more credible as well as more desirable as you are ready to jump on that dream asset right away!

Step 1 – Check your options

The first thing you’ll need to decide what options are available to you. This can take time. That’s why Elite Finance are here to help. We’ll ask you a number of questions – your employment history, your income, your long-term goals, for example. After this soul-baring session, we’ll use the information to work out your borrowing power, and find the  loan product that is ideal for you. We’ll also explain all the various fees, charges and costs that are involved, to make sure you’re fully informed.

Step 2 – Sorting your application

Now that you’ve picked your loan, it’s time to apply. Don’t stress! We will be right there to offer you a guiding hand through the process. We’ll let you know what documents you need to provide, and you’ll also go through the age-old ritual of filling out and signing a number of forms. Once you’ve done your part, we will submit your application to the lender and liaise with them on any further requirements or questions.

Step 3 – Getting pre-approved

Once the lender gets your application, the ball’s in their court. They’ll spend some time going through the information you’ve provided to make sure all the details check out. They’ll also use a credit reporting agency to check your credit history. Once you pass, then congratulations – you’ve obtained pre-approval for the loan, and you now are ready to make your offer!


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