Have you experienced any industry changes in the last few years? Perhaps you've undergone an overhaul of stock or decided to pursue new avenues of business? Any change of circumstances as well as the passing of time can mean that the loan that was right for you a few years ago may not necessarily still be right for you today.

Steps to refinancing

Whilst it can seem a bit of a hassle, refinancing your loan could save you thousands of dollars in the long term. It can also give you access to loan features that you may not have had on your previous loan or allow you to walk away from expensive features that are just an extra cost.

To get started, you simply need to get in touch with us. From an intial consultation, we can understand your current situation and determine if you're eligible for a better loan. We'll also outline what documents are required and liaise with the lenders on your behalf to minimise the disruption to your life.

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